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We expect that you:

  • Want to work independently from home
  • Are available for minimum 5 hours a week
  • Love the contact with other people and have a drive to help others
  • Are interested in wellness, health and lifestyle
  • Are enthusiastic and willing to learn
  • Know what you want

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Kids to child care Limited social life Little spare time
Little time for family To bring your work home Not applicable
Which disadvantages do you experience from your current job?
Long commutes / Traffic Underpaid Little/no recognition
High workload / Job stress Little/no satisfaction No job security
Shifts or weekend work Little/no growth opportunities Big investments
Which benefits would you see for yourself in working from home?
Higher income No commute (no traffic or travel) Child care not necessary
Choose your own hours More time for the family Determine your income yourself
Work around the family Own company Be your own boss
How much do you like to earn monthly?  
Your interest now is:  
Earn extra money Part time work with full time income Own company from home
What is your motivation to work from home?  
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